February 27, 2007

Adversity is the best teacher. But can’t we mange to learn without that? Can we always afford to learn at the expense of some thing? The philosophy of losing the battle but winning the war goes fine, but can’t we win the war without losing even a battle?

I am asking a hell lot of questions. But without them I am feeling suffocated.


What am I doing? What am I getting? Is that the worthy getting or is that worthy doing? I think I am getting what I am giving.Then why should I complain? Why should I go and ask any one’s favor?  I should not cry… because I don’t deserve that. It’s me who is responsible for whatever is happening. Why should I give that responsibility to some one else? Why should I give that opportunity to some one else?

Fraud-free company…

February 19, 2007

Background checking to make the company fraud-free?

Niranjan Rajadhyaksha writes in ‘The Rising of India ‘ as,

“Some changes are already evident in the rural economy. It can no longer be blindly equated with the agricultural economy. Economist Omkar Goswami and marketing consultant Rama Bijapurkar have constructed a detailed representation of rural India based on economic, demographic and consumption data from 530 districts in the country. They say that rural India accounts for 52% of India’s GDP. They break this into the three basic components: agriculture accounts for 46%, industry for 21%, and services for 33% of the rural economy. So a moribund agricultural sector does not necessarily mean a dead-end rural economy. In a newspaper article, Goswami and Bijapurkar give one indication: the 1991 census showed that only 30% of rural households lived in permanent houses. Ten years later, the next census shows that 41% of rural households have decent housing. This fact does not quite fit in with the politically attractive view that the whole of rural India is suffering because of problems on the farm.”

My Valentine’s day Plan

February 13, 2007

14th Feb. Valentine’s day…

Ahhhhh! The day is coming , after a long one year. What all would I do?

Hummmmm……. aaaaaaa…….

Okayyy….I will get up at 9 O’Clock and be at the office by 9.30.

  Now what will these Dal Badlu Neta do?  

 If the recommendations of the Veerappa  Moily headed Administrative Reforms Comission find their way, then midterm changing of a coalition partner would not be that easy. 

 And Prime Ministers like Manmohan Singh can do their work with a free hand.

I had no answer

February 12, 2007

“Photographs that changed the world” was the subject of the e-mail. I don’t know whether they have changed the world or not, but they left me with a shaken emotion for a while.  The harassment of the first black girl in an American school, the murder of the Japanese leader, the dying soldier hanging on to a priest and the silent and tranquil monk sitting quietly even when he was burning.  

 The mother crossing a flooded river with two kids on her two hands fighting against the river and her fate to move away from an American bomb, was asking me the question ‘Is this the humanity what we were going to protect?’.   The body of a martyr being dragged by an American tank, the free falling bodies of a girl and a woman were asking me the question ‘Why do we make systems that often fail?’

The hand of a dying kid in Uganda on the hand of a missionary was telling me the importance of a hand full of grains that I never felt before. The mountains of dead bodies of Palestinian refugees and the apologizing mother crying for mercy of the son who protested a malfunction in a general election and the Iraqi war prisoner calming down his child – each one of them were like a hundred questions to my humanity for which I had no answer.