What Is Good For Health?

February 7, 2007

We are happy to see Tata taking over Corus but unhappy to see a Coca-Cola hoarding in an Indian village. They say we must love our country, and after all that is not good for health !

What is not good gor health? The pesticide in the coke bottle or our attitude?

As Thomas Friedman talks about globalisation  in his book ‘The world Is Flat’, the playing field has been leveled and each player over here has got the same oppurtunity and previleges to sell its products irrespective of the size. What really matters is quality and that depends on how efficiently you are using globalisation to help you.

           That is what Ratan Tata did and now Corus is with Tata. And the same thing is to be done if we really want an Indian company to take over Coca-Cola or Pepsi and that would really be good for the health of the country.

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