Time to Act

February 8, 2007

 I got a PowerPoint presentation ‘About India’ from a friend. The slides are full of the glorious facts about India, that any Indian will feel proud of. The contents of the slides vary from the scientific achievements from the ancient Vedic civilization to the Vision 2020 of president Kalam. 

The author has done a great job in trying to collect whatever has been achieved by any Indian till now, which includes the invention of Zero to Sabeer Bhtia’s Hotmail. Going through the presentation made me feel proud to be an Indian and I bet any Indian would feel that. But is it enough to feel proud about what our ancestors had done or what our fellow countrymen are doing somewhere else  and be satisfied that we are going to have a great time ahead ?

  I feel this is the time to act upon and do our part out of it so that we won’t feel the success as alien when the time arrives, as I feel now when some one talks about our great history.

One Response to “Time to Act”

  1. Жорка Says:

    Спасибо, очень понравилось!

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