I had no answer

February 12, 2007

“Photographs that changed the world” was the subject of the e-mail. I don’t know whether they have changed the world or not, but they left me with a shaken emotion for a while.  The harassment of the first black girl in an American school, the murder of the Japanese leader, the dying soldier hanging on to a priest and the silent and tranquil monk sitting quietly even when he was burning.  

 The mother crossing a flooded river with two kids on her two hands fighting against the river and her fate to move away from an American bomb, was asking me the question ‘Is this the humanity what we were going to protect?’.   The body of a martyr being dragged by an American tank, the free falling bodies of a girl and a woman were asking me the question ‘Why do we make systems that often fail?’

The hand of a dying kid in Uganda on the hand of a missionary was telling me the importance of a hand full of grains that I never felt before. The mountains of dead bodies of Palestinian refugees and the apologizing mother crying for mercy of the son who protested a malfunction in a general election and the Iraqi war prisoner calming down his child – each one of them were like a hundred questions to my humanity for which I had no answer.

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