February 27, 2007

Adversity is the best teacher. But can’t we mange to learn without that? Can we always afford to learn at the expense of some thing? The philosophy of losing the battle but winning the war goes fine, but can’t we win the war without losing even a battle?

I am asking a hell lot of questions. But without them I am feeling suffocated.

2 Responses to “Questions…”

  1. Nij Kapoor Says:

    Well its just the matter how u look things. Why you call adversity a adversity cant we call it a learning experience…….
    Its just like a 1st standard boy asked to give 12th class exam….
    even our earth is a round shape……. made of two halves……..
    and can we make a Circle with only one half………… i think no…..
    so everything in this world has two parts…..So defeat is necessary…………to complete the circle we win……..

  2. Alex Says:

    I’ve become convinced that failure is an integral part of success. Without it we would all be inexperienced and would not be able to appreciate life’s fortunes.

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