Drama sells n so do Anu Mallik s

August 20, 2007

Drama sells…. N so do Anu Mallik s…

It was a gala evening in the Indian Idol – 3 and Sonu Nigam was the special judge. Suddenly the popup blocker in my mind got disabled and a thought popped its head. I got my plot for this post.

Of late reality shows are here. When a generation is raring to go places, these shows are here to stay for a quite longer, because these shows are the platforms where the young India is getting its launching pad. Any way my intention is not to discuss that.

Anu Mallik  sells…..n so do drama…

Here there is a guy who is basking in the glory of Indian Idol. If the people were given a chance to vote a judge out of the show, I am sure the unanimous choice would be Anu Mallik, at least I feel that way. But he is there…. starting from Indian Idol -1 till date. You know why? Because he is the person who adds drama to the show… and he does it every way n every time he does some thing. Be it praising some one to heaven or walking down on some ones self respect or arguing with fellow judges….he does it everyway he can. He makes the show interesting…. he forces the audience to wait n watch what is coming out of his lips… I may switch the channel when some body else is speaking but never I can do the same when the mike is in Anu Mallik’s hand, because….you guessed it right. Yaa no one knows what this guy is going to do and what is that he is going to say. And that’s where he adds spice to the show and that’s where he adds TRP to the show. Be it mud slinging on some one on the panel, creating a controversy of crush between Chang and Deepali where none existed or showing his artistic talents of creating Dhuns on the spot….by any means this guy just adds TRP. And there he becomes the eyeball of the channel and rules the show… if I am wrong; at least I feel  he is trying to do so.

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