a picture a day

January 18, 2008

“… a picture a day”

How is this idea that just came to the surface of my thought process (.. i like to call my mind by this name) of posting a picture every day and a line or two about it.

Yes…. its good idea I think, especially to keep posting some thing to this blog. And when they say a picture says a thousand words, I think its not a good idea,  its fabolous !!!


deep in the mountain…

January 18, 2008

           Got to see this while browsing lazily after lunch.


  Some one said  “…lone chair is one of desolation and poverty on the one hand, and HOPE on the other.”

Its the time to gym…

January 16, 2008

 …i have been going to the gym since last week. The funniest thing is that every day i have to fight some one within me who keep on telling me about so many thing for why i should not go.

… am waiting for the day when no one would tell me not to go when i look at my watch and start looking for my shoes.

Yet Another Question

January 10, 2008

How one can get a good piece of literature out of him? Any time during the day once I sit with my pen and paper, it should be a master piece of a creation, this is how most of us may prefer, and so do I. Is it possible? Yes, of course.
I think what we really read while we read is between the lines. It’s the emotions that flow out of the dumb letters, what matters, and when the flow soothes your soul, it’s a master piece. Here I ask myself a question. Does it really need to come out of us, as it is, without any effort, when and where we sit with a pen and paper? Or can we make our words speak our selves, by consciously trying to do so? What is coming out of my heart now is both the ways. What say you?