Serious Blogging???

February 4, 2008

“how about taking up blogging in a serious way”……. no i am not asking you. This is some thing that keep on coming to my mind. It happens at a regular intervals about which I am not sure whether to measure in the unit of time or some thing else.

I think the idea is good…… what say you?

2 Responses to “Serious Blogging???”

  1. derickjuon Says:

    Blogging has always been a serious job. . . . Because you need to be committed and keen on what ever your blogging. But then again its very objective:)

  2. Tara Prasad Says:

    yeah …. u r right. And i have always tried my best to do it a justice. But the thing is i am not so regular in writing posts though i read some blog regularly. So i meant to be more regular in writng when i said serious.
    Any way Thanks for reading my blog.

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