It Hapened in India

February 5, 2008

‘It Happened in India’…..that is the title of the new book I have started, the story of a common bania becoming the Rajah of Retail. No doubt it can inspire a few more Kishore Biyani s given the story tells how some one can create one’s fortune,  in a society that keeps on telling you will fall down, as soon as you try to walk, when others are crawling.  

Doesn’t the title make justice to the book?

But on seeing some activists of a political outfit beating innocent people on the road and in the moving train what came to my mind is ……. even this happens in India !

2 Responses to “It Hapened in India”

  1. The book is well written…

  2. Tara Prasad Says:

    I have just started it. So may be you can a find a post about how I liked it, some times later.

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