No Contribution Is Really Small!

March 19, 2008

   Here is a child who is only 5 years old. When he grows up he could be a good engineer, a good doctor,   a scientist or a good hockey player, but for that he has to be alive.   

  He might not fulfill his dreams, for he is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (a type of blood cancer) and his helpless family is not being able to help him.   

 A socio-medical organization Cancer Aid and Research Foundation has taken up his cause and they are trying to collect the money required for his treatment.  

You can come forward to help the organization, to arrange the funds and see a child smiling and making the world to smile with him.    

And I tell you no contribution is small, even if it is an Rs 10 note. It is not the amount but the willingness matters.  

                   Some Useful Information 

Name of the child: Master Om Jitendra Parmar 

Organization: Cancer Aid and Research Foundation: This is a socio-medical organization set up in 2001 by a retired professor, is located in Mumbai.  Since then it has been helping cancer patients in all possible way.

You can visit its website for any further information or      

Contact: (022) 23005000                      

Ref: Times of India, dated 18th March 2008 

If you are willing to help, but confused then you can put your confusion as a comment. I will try to make it clear…

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