a lot is happening

December 15, 2008

A lot is happening and I don’t think I can resist them all coming out here… I have been quite inactive inexpressive on my blog, perhaps I didn’t feel like doing so! But I wasn’t inactive as reading on the blogosphere was on and I read some real interesting posts and commented on few of them as well. But as the storm is getting wilder as days pass few things will be coming out… for sure…


2 Responses to “a lot is happening”

  1. darkeve Says:

    It happens sometimes, you just can’t write or maybe don’t want to write. Sometimes what I need is to reach a certain level of inactivity. Best of luck with that phase!

  2. Tara Prasad Says:


    Thanks a lot!
    yes…it happens sometime, when I feel like not putting it into words! Such was the phase during this. Quite big a hiatus…

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