The company I work for provides free dinner for those who work late. I am here since more than a week now and have been observing whats happenings around. It was more intuitive in nature than intentional. Few things that I have observed till date are:

They provide the dinner around 6.30 in the evening. Most of the crowd leaves at 7.00.

People drink Coca Cola and Diet Coke more than water!

As most of us don’t know the name of the dishes they provide, but the plates are almost filled, in spite of doubt. Nearly half of them find their place in the trash.

I am not being judgemental, at least not yet. Few more of the observations may flow in and I am waiting for them!!!


I am bored…

April 13, 2010

Not much is there on my mind at the moment, except that I am really bored !!!