Hey ! I am here. With my new blog…

Since last few months I was thinking of creating a blog. Blogging has become a powerful medium of expression and I want my share out of it.

 Though I am into blogging since the end of ’04, but it was only an irregular hobby. When I thought of getting blogging more often than I used to do, the question came what my blog would give to this world. It was not so easy to draft the final plans about the content of my blog and the more difficult part was about to begin. And it was finding a suitable name for my blog.

  The  ‘American Way’ helped me i.e. ‘Outsourcing’. I wrote a mail to all my friends and gave them the draft of what my blog would be and ideas started coming in. Forums were also helpful, but most of the names that I liked were suggested by friends like Nij, Malar and Shailesh.

The next part was choosing a publishing service which was not that gruesome as was finding a name. Finally I am relaxed. Huh… At last I have started…

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