‘What will be the first thing you do if you get 1 crore rupees now ?’

It was just another lunch in the office cafeteria, when someone threw in the topic. There were four of us and each one came up with a different answer. Like ‘I will go on a vaction’, ‘I will buy a nice car for my mother’, ‘I will quit the job’ etc.

Indian Homemaker‘s  this post reminded me of this month-old discussion, which I took forward that day by throwing in one more question in the air and it was –

‘ What will be the last thing you do with the remaining of that 1 crore rupees ?’

What will you do ???


Some times I read ‘The Indian Economy Blog’. I like the kind of articles are published over there. In response to such a thought provoking article Scrap The Spending Limit I gave this comment.

 We cannot always take the law for a ride, and if the enforcing agency is really willing to enforce the law, it becomes a nightmare for the violators! The brightest of the examples is the last general elections in Bihar, where many of us remember how the election commissioner personally toured every nook and corner in Bihar, sometime even on motorcycle, to ensure everything to be free and fair!

But to be very frank, how many times does it happen? You, me and everyone knows the answer! Corrupt people do get away through many loop holes that exist. It is the honest ones who suffer! But at the same time we cannot remove the spending limit as a whole, because that is not the solution.

 The solution lies in enforcing the law, strictly! It is time we have to find alternative ways to do so, rather than the traditional ones! At the same time we have to make the law more applicable by revising it to suit the time’s need!


Tara Prasad


Being your self is important, that is what Kimojuno is saying here…

” You need to understand one thing: You are you. Being you may not be right for others, but it is right for you. This is not a blanket to cover yourself with, or an excuse to do whatever you want, but rather a chance to understand that you do not need to be accepted by others [or even fit in] to be happy.”

Just a Gyan…..

February 19, 2008

Keeping your readers coming back to check what is the latest that you have blogged is what I feel the most important part of creating a readership. A wondering reader may end up hitting your blog through some link, but the biggest challenge is to next time make him type the URL of your blog.

I don’t know how this is gonna help you. Probably this is out of anxiety of waiting for my team lead to come, so that I can finish of my work and head for the gym !!!! 

Update :- Ah… finally I couldn’t make myself run run run and sweat !!!