This is the last evening of my long weekend. There is no body around and I am sitting in my living room, resting on this wooden wall, with no soft pillow acting as the middleman.

Absolute thoughtless I am would be a wrong statement though. What won’t be wrong is something is going on in my mind… which I am not able to follow. Let me correct this some more… some thing is going on… in my subconscious mind or my unconscious mind or may be at even a deeper level, which my conscious mind is not able quantify…

I am not sure what this is… but what i am sure is it is not thought-less-ness!


‘What will be the first thing you do if you get 1 crore rupees now ?’

It was just another lunch in the office cafeteria, when someone threw in the topic. There were four of us and each one came up with a different answer. Like ‘I will go on a vaction’, ‘I will buy a nice car for my mother’, ‘I will quit the job’ etc.

Indian Homemaker‘s  this post reminded me of this month-old discussion, which I took forward that day by throwing in one more question in the air and it was –

‘ What will be the last thing you do with the remaining of that 1 crore rupees ?’

What will you do ???

that’s life!

December 16, 2008

It was like one of those good old nights… it was a friend by my side talking…talking… and talking. We talked about every thing… just everything!

Nostalgic moments of childhood, the experience of growing up in a small town surrounded by scenic nature… the place we love so much, as well the moments of going away from it in search of bread… the moments of meeting new faces only to be an old friend later… finding a home away from home…our words had the gratitude towards Life for all those lovely moments it has blessed us with…so they had innocent acceptance of being stunned for it came with all those surprises at times when they were least expected…

it was the early hours of today when we gave up to our closing eyelids… only to wake up to hear a friend over the phone saying that he has been transferred to his home and is leaving this evening, after being together for three long years!

 With yet another surprise smiling before me, I woke up while the friend was still dreaming his way!

a lot is happening

December 15, 2008

A lot is happening and I don’t think I can resist them all coming out here… I have been quite inactive inexpressive on my blog, perhaps I didn’t feel like doing so! But I wasn’t inactive as reading on the blogosphere was on and I read some real interesting posts and commented on few of them as well. But as the storm is getting wilder as days pass few things will be coming out… for sure…

Uncared for ???

June 23, 2008

Just ask for it….whatever you need…awesome na!

The Sunday was pretty normal. I am quite enthusiastic about Sunday s as on this day I don’t need to hurry up myself… to take bath, to gulp my breakfast and to run, coz the day is to live for myself rather than for my employer…

I was going through the Sunday Times of India when I came through this article named Just ask for it. A beautiful short article about how often we don’t ask for what we want, and simply we don’t get it for most of the time.

Isn’t it that simple? Yet how often we remember this when we feel uncared for or mistreated?

Time n Tide

April 18, 2008

Time and tide take its turn…. I was told. Don’t remember who and when…

Yes, they do! For sure…

I think that’s life!

April 14, 2008

My mobile rang and it was a colleague. He works with me and I had seen him taking a call on my way office. He asked me to speak to a friend of mine…

 my friend? With him…?  One second and this many question popped up in my mind. The next voice at the other end was of a friend of me… who was there with me at college. Last I had met him after we finished college and friends had started moving by then. We had gone to bid adieu to a very good common friend and he had dropped me home after a small fair well talk over soft drinks at a street side shop.

They were calling me to the nearby café coffee day…  I am a good fan of chatting over coffee and in the process a good admirer of the coffee day concept. Soon I was there.

Best things always wait for us and one was waiting for me for sure! Cold coffee was ordered and we were all out there…with stories of college days, the memorable characters, the instances… giggling out loud, I think after quite a long time. Soon the idea of visiting the college surfaced on the table and our bikes started rolling towards the place that made an engineer (people say that I am) out of me, in fact us.

Things have changed on the way. And they are changing. In the crowd of changes and happenings we were busy identifying places, recollecting memories associated. We were looking at ourselves with a backward shift of four points in the time frame. Everything was clear, like crystal without any illusion. They were on the flashing screen of our memories and four year is not such a long time to make them blurred. So is the college, with new buildings…new faculties…and new faces. But a few were still there who could remember our faces, the drivers, the security people and the support staff. We entered the faculty chambers only to find out eyes staring at us (what we do when some stranger moves in to our place while feeling the place as entirely his). All new faces, with a few of almost our age. Hardly we could remember a few names, after considerable thinking, who were there as our faculties. Few are still there; luckily they could remember our faces, if not the names.  A few words… with people who once guided us, scolded us, whom we hated… and held responsible for every bad thing happening in our lives, whom we wondered if they at all have any ability to think ‘coz they were not at all able to imagine our problems…minus those feelings.

Once again updates on college day couples… some are married by now, some have broken up. Wheels were rolling back now, fast on superior roads than what we had, among buildings, high rises and markets that have replaced the silence of a no man’s land, leaving back the place that once was everything for us.

 One day it was all ours… now someone else is thinking it as all his. They are not seeing the change, coz they haven’t seen what we had. Even they will leave the place up to someone else only to return one day to see how things have changed. I think that’s life!