Some times I read ‘The Indian Economy Blog’. I like the kind of articles are published over there. In response to such a thought provoking article Scrap The Spending Limit I gave this comment.

 We cannot always take the law for a ride, and if the enforcing agency is really willing to enforce the law, it becomes a nightmare for the violators! The brightest of the examples is the last general elections in Bihar, where many of us remember how the election commissioner personally toured every nook and corner in Bihar, sometime even on motorcycle, to ensure everything to be free and fair!

But to be very frank, how many times does it happen? You, me and everyone knows the answer! Corrupt people do get away through many loop holes that exist. It is the honest ones who suffer! But at the same time we cannot remove the spending limit as a whole, because that is not the solution.

 The solution lies in enforcing the law, strictly! It is time we have to find alternative ways to do so, rather than the traditional ones! At the same time we have to make the law more applicable by revising it to suit the time’s need!


Tara Prasad



any one ?

February 14, 2008

There is a lot happenning in the blogosphere  about Raj Thackrey. Tons of posts are being written about what is happening and what should have happened !

Is any one listening there???

  Now what will these Dal Badlu Neta do?  

 If the recommendations of the Veerappa  Moily headed Administrative Reforms Comission find their way, then midterm changing of a coalition partner would not be that easy. 

 And Prime Ministers like Manmohan Singh can do their work with a free hand.