‘What will be the first thing you do if you get 1 crore rupees now ?’

It was just another lunch in the office cafeteria, when someone threw in the topic. There were four of us and each one came up with a different answer. Like ‘I will go on a vaction’, ‘I will buy a nice car for my mother’, ‘I will quit the job’ etc.

Indian Homemaker‘s  this post reminded me of this month-old discussion, which I took forward that day by throwing in one more question in the air and it was –

‘ What will be the last thing you do with the remaining of that 1 crore rupees ?’

What will you do ???


Recently I had a trip to Vizag. A get together was planned during the three day long vacation and we thought of shifting it to Vishakapatnam. Since a long time I had thought of visiting the city and staying there for some time. These three days came as an opportunity to fulfill that wish!

The days in Vishakapatnam were real hot, but they couldn’t stop us from criss-crossing the entire city more than once. We visited a lot of places… and I really liked most of them. The fun filled Rishikonda beach and the picturesque views from on top of Kailash Giri were breath taking. But the best thing was Yarada Beach. It was clean, well maintained, with lovely blue water away from the city and its crowd. It was a real place to go where one can bath, relax, spend some quality time and just be himself.


that’s life!

December 16, 2008

It was like one of those good old nights… it was a friend by my side talking…talking… and talking. We talked about every thing… just everything!

Nostalgic moments of childhood, the experience of growing up in a small town surrounded by scenic nature… the place we love so much, as well the moments of going away from it in search of bread… the moments of meeting new faces only to be an old friend later… finding a home away from home…our words had the gratitude towards Life for all those lovely moments it has blessed us with…so they had innocent acceptance of being stunned for it came with all those surprises at times when they were least expected…

it was the early hours of today when we gave up to our closing eyelids… only to wake up to hear a friend over the phone saying that he has been transferred to his home and is leaving this evening, after being together for three long years!

 With yet another surprise smiling before me, I woke up while the friend was still dreaming his way!

….while watching Hrithik lighting the bulbs and pulling the dull sleepy dhaba to a mast mahoul…. few things flashed back in my mind…. Here goes an older post of mine of such a mast mahoul on our trip to Mussoorie… and some strange feelings after leaving back the good ‘ol friends and memories behind thousands of kilometers…

“ It was Nij who kicked me to get up and start blogging at Satyam Blog site. And very much against my lethargic body and sleepy mind I managed to sit in front of the system to open Satyam blog site and saw a post that I wrote few months back. The post was about my experience in our trip to Mussoorie.

 All my old memories flashed back in my mind. That chilled winter night of north India, eight burning souls with a desire to explore the beauty of my country, where we all stayed at a very far corner and it was the time to realize how beautiful and diverse our home was.

 As I am wondering through this post, still don’t know what to write and what I am writing, suddenly one thing came to my mind. It is a picture that I saw yesterday on Antony’s album in Orkut. It was a pic that we had taken on our way to office in Gurgaon, onthe day that was as ordinary as any other day, except the news that we were getting relocated to Hyderabad. We took that picture as our memory that we all wanted to take back with ourselves from Gurgaon. We were expecting the news that day that we never got, till one day when I got my relocation mail to Bhubaneswar, after long six months.

Still I am not sure what am I writing or what do I want to write. Any way I showed that pic to one of my colleague here, expecting to see the same emotion in his eyes, what was then in my heart, only to get a node that was as cold as the air-conditioned room. I didn’t know what that emotion was for, neither do I know now. I was as confused as I am now. About both, the pic and this post. I never know what is it that I was expecting from that colleague of mine, like I don’t know what am I writing over here and what am I trying to say. But I am feeling the same emotion now that was choking my heart then. “

At times my heart still yearns for that…